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December 19th, 2007

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02:44 pm - ....so here it is....
god it's been a long time. It seems when you get a myspace you forget this place exists.

I haven't been able to write a good blog in a while, and since this seemed to be the only place I could do that I must do it here.

so far, my life pretty much the same....except I'm covered in a little more tattoos....and Chris Isaak is now the man I have placed my affection on.

I seem to be doing well....I have an actual job. I work at a Super 8 as a motel maid. I didn't work today because my boss called and told me there were no rooms! So I got an extra day off.

Tomorrow....that's a different story.

I'm 24. Wowee! LOL

missed you guys!
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

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